Developing talents at Toyota Material Handling Europe

Toyota Material Handling Europe is dedicated to training and developing its employees. We take the company forward by cultivating our Talents using the Business Driven Action Learning (BDAL) approach.

Preparing future leaders


We set up the first Talent Programme in 2014 to equip high-potential employees with the tools they need to boost their career. Talents were nominated by the Management Team and must meet specific criteria. In the programme, they improved their knowledge of the company, enhanced their team, project and management skills and gained an insight into our different business fields.

Workshops in Europe and Japan

After nomination, the talents attended four workshops – three in Europe and one in Japan. Topics covered included global corporate culture, presentation skills and finance. The workshops also involved customer, plant and dealer visits, presentations of business assignments completed during the programme and planning for further coaching and mentoring.

Fifteen employees, including 10 men and 6 women from six different countries, completed the first Talent Programme. The participants were divided into groups of five or six, with each group carrying out their own project on a complex business challenge set out by the Management Team. We interviewed some talents to find out how they benefitted from the pilot course.


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“It was rewarding to be chosen as a candidate for the Talent Programme. The varied assignments increased my knowledge of different market scenarios and helped me think about new ways to interact with customers.” Tony Ageneau Senior Manager, Service Technical Operations Toyota Material Handling Europe

“The Talent Programme is a good way to evaluate your leadership capabilities and your ability to coordinate a team with different personalities and skills. I learned a lot about company culture in different European countries and business areas.” Stefania Martelli CB Supply Finance Director Bologna Factory, Italy Toyota Material Handling Europe

“In the programme, I met many highly ambitious and talented colleagues from different countries, with different backgrounds and expertise. The Japan module on visualisation techniques and cultural inputs was especially useful and I use the tools from this module on a regular basis. It was also interesting to see the company’s evolution towards being a pan-European player and its interplay with TICO and Toyota Motor Company. The programme confirmed to me that Toyota Material Handling Europe is an inspiring company where one has the possibility to actively contribute to the change process.” Oliver Glaser Sales Director Toyota Material Handling Italy


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What makes a talent?


  • Proven track record in the company
  • Potential
  • Desire to reach top management
  • Leadership and team skills
  • Role model
  • Strong voice
  • Good understanding of the company
  • Ambition Capacity to manage increased workload
  • Company values-oriented
  • Fluent in English


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