Sam Nomura Master class

Sam Nomura is our undisputable TPS sensei with more than 50 years of experience of implementing TPS in the Toyota group. In his master class you will get insights to Toyotas success factors, Toyota TPS factory tour and guidance on how to establish the methods in your operations.

Want to know how Toyota increased its quality performance with more than 80%?

Then you should sign up for this master class aimed for managers and professionals with basic lean knowledge. This will be a unique opportunity for you to get information directly from the source. Sam Nomura will explain how Toyota implemented the Toyota Production System in Europe and succeeded in making operations lean. The course takes a deep dive into the Nomura method and describes the best practices in detail, with a focus on improving quality. 

During this master class you will get

• A first hand observation of Toyota management practices and TPS applications during the factory tour.

• Keynote presentation by Sam Nomura uncovering Toyota's success factors in reaching undisputable no. 1 position. 

• Yokoten workshop, where you will get guidance from Sam Nomura on how to esablish the methods in your operations.

Agenda for the training:

08.30 - Registration          

08.45 - Greetings & introduction

09.00 - Toyota presentation

09.30 - Nomura method

12.00 - Lunch

13.00 - Factory tour

15.00 - Yokoten work shop

16.00 - Nomura Q & A

16.30 - Toyota Lean Academy

17.00 - Finish

Price: 695 euro per person (excl VAT) lunch and coffee included

About Sam Nomura: Sam Nomura has over 50 years of experience of implementing TPS in the Toyota group with senior leadership positions internationally at Toyota Motor Corporation and Toyota Material Handling Group (TMHG).

One of the characteristics during Sam Nomura's advisory period was his feedback always being written by hand, in A3 format. During his advisory period over 300 A3's were issued. With his advice Toyota has managed to improve internal and external quality performance with more than 80%.  

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